Second life to barrels

For centuries, master blenders and wine-makers call on the unique properties of charred and toasted oak barrels to perfect their signature libations. Sève de Mars gives a second life to rare and freshly emptied oak barrels. After careful selection and repairs, we begin our own barrel aging journey and preserve the know-how and the complex universe of both wine and spirits. Once our syrup has fully matured, we empty the barrels and ship them to our partner, the Moreau Cooperage, who then transforms these Canadian maple syrup barrels into unique finishings and maturation barrels intended once more for distillers. These new “maple brulé” barrels are a first in the world of finishing casks and result in a 100% circular supply chain for our barrels as well as eliminating waste.

Plastic is so 90's

Our addiction to plastic is the greatest environmental and social challenge of our generation. It is extremely difficult to eliminate it, but not impossible. Sève de Mars uses 100% recycled glass bottles made in North America and aluminum caps, to eliminate single-use plastic from our products and reduce our carbon footprint. Speckled with small imperfections due to the recycled glass, every bottle is unique. We like to think of these “flaws” as perfect imperfection! Our bottle design is inspired by the infamous Canadian “mickey”, so yes they fit in your pocket. Canadian fuel on the go? Definitely.

When it comes to our online orders, we use recyclable cardboard boxes, water-based adhesive paper tape and upcycled oak shavings to protect the sweet goods. The oak shavings actually come from barrels that break during transport (it happens!) and are great for the smoker. Our upcycling efforts, material choices and packaging solutions allow us to be completely plastic-free once and for all!



Discovery Box
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